Gratitude Journal

After watching a YouTube video this Sunday past, I have decided to start keeping a weekly gratitude journal at work.

I am grateful for the local sausage vendor who came into my shop a short time ago. He wanted to soup up his son’s gaming rig, and this week all the parts came in. We doubled the RAM, stuck in an M.2 SSD and slapped in a 6GB GTX 1060 graphics card with three fans. This beast of a card is the size of my forearm! It required me to move the guts of his machine into a bigger, better, badasser case, with multiple fans, LEDs and a tempered glass side. Pretty swanky. The kid just finished up exams and is going to enjoy his souped up rig for the next couple of weeks before the student grind returns.

I am grateful for Ross, because he’s been coming to me for more years than I remember, and I can count on him and his grandchildren for a broken iPhone screen job every now and then.

I am grateful Lori and her occasional butterfingers with her phones.

I am grateful to still be helping out Bob and Marlene. Bob used to work for my grandfather at the utility pole company, and enjoys dealing with his grandson, despite my obvious deficiencies.

I am grateful for Vlad the FedEx guy, because he is awesome, and always brings my package early.

I am grateful for free cigars from customers who need me to build up a monster machine for their artistic endeavors. This guy’s video card was even more bitchin’ than the sausage vendor’s son’s upgrade. I could use it to fend off attackers. He hooked me up with a nice little Monte Cristo and a Por Larranaga, the latter of which I have never heard. I’m smoking it now, and it’s pretty good.

I am grateful for David the Chinese cobbler, who helped me haul away a bunch of e-waste, and ordered some pizza this week. The Chinese Moonshine he gives me from time to time is also pretty wicked.

Thanks bunches for reading!