The hardest part about being in independent computer repair is that the entire industry is geared against your success.

A recent right-to-repair bill, introduced by one of the few remaining provincial Liberal MPs, was voted down recently.

This goes against the entire premise behind my business.  If you do not have a right to repair your computers and smartphones, how can you get into Do-It-Yourself repairs?

People often spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on their tech devices.  Do you feel people should have a right to engage in Do-It-Yourself repairs on the devices they own?  Or should the manufacturer of the device hold a repair monopoly?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Sadly though, I’m sure this will all fall on deaf ears.

We are a nation who seems to take pride in its tech illiteracy.  As tech has pushed its way into every aspect of our lives, we’ve allowed ourselves to be conditioned to treat our electronics like disposable garbage, and to value the replacement products of exploited labour over the repaired products of free peoples.

We who live in freedom are able to do this because we never take a stand against the exploitation of labour forces who live under tyrannical governments.  We willfully participate in the exploitation of others so we can get as much tech as cheaply as possible.  All for the sake of our 21st century digital lives.

This is the Canada in which I grew up, and that we are now leaving behind for the next generation.  A generation who are saddled with an addiction to tech, for which the only fix comes from those who suffer under a tyranny we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies.

We should be deeply ashamed of ourselves.

I guess I shouldn’t complain, though.  We may not have a right to repair, but at least we have rights, unlike the folks making the devices on which you’re reading this.

Chinese Electronics Workers
Exploited Chinese Labour – Because we’re worth it!

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